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What is Google Discover?

What is Google Discover: Best Practices for Your Site.

  1. Content is King (or Queen):
    • Address User Needs: Focus on topics people are genuinely interested in. What questions are they asking? (Use tools like AnswerThePublic for research)
    • Be Informative: Provide real value. Don’t just skim the surface, add depth and unique insights.
    • Freshness Matters: While “evergreen” content can work, Google likes timely content too, especially for trending topics.
  2. Visuals that Entice:
    • Large Images: Use high-quality images of at least 1200px wide. Implement the max-image-preview: large setting or use AMP.
    • Compelling = Clickable: Your image should grab attention and make people want to read your article.
  3. Technical SEO Foundations:
    • Mobile-Friendly: Discover is mainly a mobile experience, so ensure your site works perfectly on phones.
    • Fast is a Must: Improve page speed; a slow site hurts the user experience and your Discover chances.
    • Google Can Find You: Ensure there are no technical barriers to Google finding and indexing your content.
  4. Avoid Clickbait Tactics
    • Accurate Titles: Your title should match the content’s focus. Overly sensational headlines will hurt you.
    • Deliver on Promises: Don’t mislead users just to get them to click if your content doesn’t live up to the hype.

FAQs: Google Discover and Getting Your Site Featured

Q: What exactly is Google Discover?

A: Google Discover is a personalized content feed available within the Google app and sometimes on browser homepages. It shows content tailored to a user’s interests and search behavior, even content they might not actively be searching for at the moment.

Q: Why should I care about Google Discover as a content creator?

A: Discover offers these benefits:
Increased reach: Your content gets shown to users who are likely interested in it.
Mobile-optimized exposure: Discover’s design is perfect for smartphone users.
Reduced reliance on traditional search: Tap into an audience without relying solely on search keywords.

Q: How can I get my website or blog featured on Discover?

A: Following these recommended habits improves your chances, however, there’s no guarantee:
Produce outstanding content. Prioritize uniqueness, and complexity, and deliver genuine value.
Make use of eye-catching graphics: Big, excellent photos that are at least 1200 pixels wide are essential. Use AMP or enable max-image-preview: large.
Write attractive, clear titles: Represent your content truthfully while maintaining attention (steer clear of clickbait).
Give priority to the mobile experience: Your website needs to load quickly and be legible on mobile devices.
Develop Your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness in Your Niche by Showing E-A-T.

Q. Are there any technical requirements to know about?

A: Yes, Google has specific guidelines: Pay attention to image size and metadata.

Q: How quickly will I see results in Discover?

A: Discover learns from user behavior. Be patient – consistent high-quality content and adherence to Google’s guidelines are your best strategy over time.

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