Fields of Expertise

Mobile Marketing analytics    

Mobile Marketing analytics    

Multitouch attribution(MTA)   

Multitouch attribution(MTA)

Customer data platforms(CDPs)  

Customer data platforms (CDPs)

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Cross-device identification

Cross-device identification


The sender Signs sub for word, that they produce their online advertising and after that choose that words or phrases they want related to that advertisement. This does is create the small advertisements you see on the left side of Google...


The role of the designer is that a good, thoughtful host is anticipating the needs of its guests. To resolve creativity but new problems are not some way. A designer knows he has not achieved perfection when there is nothing left to add, but when anything is left to move...

Dev System

HTML5 has changed the way in which traditional HTML source code and tags are used earlier in the webpage design structure. Unlike its equivalent HTML 4, this latest version contains some very useful tags that help developers keep more...

Mobile devices are major consumer engagement points, and marketing leaders see the obvious value in customer insights gained from mobile usage. According to the Gartner 2016 Marketing Technology Survey, 41% of marketing leaders, using mobile marketing analytics, while another 24% solution are tested before deployment…

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To understand brand strategy, first must understand branding. In simple terms, the branding organization is the process of measuring the value and authenticity of the product or service. This is a clear set of features, benefits, and attributes that define a particular brand. Many people are often confused about branding and marketingClick here link Learn More-

Search engine optimization is a way of search engines (SERP) search results page high ranking strategies used to increase the number of visitors to the website placement, techniques and strategies – including Google, Bing, Yahoo and others search engines…Click here link Learn More

(SEM) is a process by which various methods are used to increase market visibility and the prevalence of any brand, product or service…Click here link Learn More-

SMM Stands for “Social Media Marketing.” SMM Marketing reflects the businesses done through social media or social networking websites. Social Media provides a low-cost way for businesses to reach a large number of users and gain brand recognition…Click here link Learn More

 Most web development refers to pages related to the website. Web design with other functions in the web development process, including website content development, server scripting and server configuration, and network security settingsClick here link Learn More

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