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10 Free Press Release Submission Sites You Should Utilize

If you’re looking to get the word out about your business or project, Press Releases are a great way to do it. To maximize your reach and exposure, take advantage of these top 10 Free Press Release Submission sites.

What is the Press Release in SEO?

Press Release in SEO(search engine optimization), a press release is a written statement intended to attract media attention and visibility on search engines. Press releases can increase the quantity of high-quality, pertinent inbound links to your website, which will help it become more visible and rank higher.

This can be accomplished by including in your press release keywords that are pertinent to your industry and intended readership, as well as by making sure the press release is well-written and well-structured.

It’s crucial to check the website’s reputation and domain authority before submitting a press release to a distributing agency or news source to make sure the link back to your website will benefit your search engine rankings.

Additionally, it’s a smart idea to clearly state in your press release what you want readers to do next—visit your website for more details.

Top 10 Free Press Release Submission Sites

1) PRWeb: This site Allows you to submit your press releases for free and reach a large audience.

free press release submission sites

PRWeb is one of the most trusted sources of news and press releases and it’s a great way to get your message out there. With a high-ranking editorial team that reads every submission, you can rest assured that your news will reach the right people.

Your release will be picked up by all the big search engines and media outlets if it is approved.

2) PR Newswire: PR Newswire is a well-known site for press release distribution, offering both paid and free options.

PRNewswire is one of the leading press release submission sites that offer both free and paid services for businesses and organizations to gain a wider audience for their news.

PRNewswire provides distribution across digital, broadcast, print, and social media channels in over 151 countries. This makes it easier for your press release to be posted quickly and increases the potential reach of your message.

3) PRLog: PRLog is a free press release submission site with a focus on search engine optimization.

free press release submission sites

PRLog is a free online press release distribution service, with the option to add images, videos, and attachments. It’s another great way to get your message out there quickly and easily.

It really shines when it comes to targeting specific types of companies who can make use of your news — they offer multiple types of distribution according to industry type, size, and geographic location.

4) offers a free press release submission service with a focus on small businesses and non-profit organizations.

free press release submission sites

Newswire is a free press release submission site with an extensive network of journalists, publications, and influencers. It offers an array of tools to help you promote your news story and make it more visible.

It also offers analytics that measures how your press release is being received and shared on social media, allowing you to track the impact of your story.

5) Industry huddle:

free press release submission sites

IndustryHuddle is a Platform that connects Businesses and Industry Professionals to share knowledge and Insights, network and Build relationships. It is a place where Professionals can exchange Information and ideas, and gain exposure to new opportunities and challenges in their industry. In short, IndustryHuddle is a professional networking and information-sharing platform.

6) provides a free press release submission service with the option to upgrade to a paid service for added distribution.

7) 24-7 Press Release:

free press release submission sites

24-7 Press Release offers free and paid press release distribution options, with the free option including distribution to major news sites.

24-7PressRelease is a popular press release submission site, offering an easily navigable platform and high visibility for your news stories.

It’s free to use and you can schedule releases well in advance. Plus, it offers tools to help craft effective headlines, select strong keywords, and measure the success of your press releases over time.

8) OpenPR:

free press release submission sites

OpenPR is a free press release submission site with a focus on distribution to Germany and Europe.

9) Press Release Point:

free press release submission sites

Press Release Point is a free press release submission site with a focus on helping businesses reach a wider audience.

10) NewswireNEXT:

free press release submission sites

NewswireNEXT is a free press release submission site that allows you to target Specific Industries and Geographical Locations with your release.

Press Release Submission in SEO- Here are the steps to do:

Press Release in SEO

Identify the News: Determine what news or information you want to share with the public and the media. It should be newsworthy and relevant to your target audience.

Write the Press Release: Write a compelling press release that includes all the relevant information, such as the date, time, location, and details of the event. Make sure to include keywords related to your business and industry, but don’t overuse them.

Choose a Press Release Distribution Service: There are many press release Distribution services available, both Free and Paid. Choose a service that has a strong distribution network, high domain authority, and a good Reputation.

Optimize the Press Release for Search Engines: Ensure that the Press Release is optimized for Search Engines by including Relevant keywords, Meta Descriptions, and Images.

Include a Backlink to your Website: Include a link back to your website in the press release. This will help drive traffic to your site and improve your website’s Search Engine Ranking.

Submit the Press Release: Submit the press release to the selected distribution service. Make sure to review and approve it before submitting it to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

Track Results: Monitor the results of your Press Release Submission, including the traffic and exposure it generates. This information can help you make informed decisions about future Press Release Submissions and other SEO efforts.

Benefits of Press Release Submission in SEO

Press Release in SEO

A crucial component of a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) plan might be a press release submission. To make the most of press release filing for SEO, follow these steps:

Determine the Newsworthy Aspect: The press release needs to have a newsworthy angle that will grab the media’s attention.

Pick the proper Distribution Service: Both paid and unpaid distribution services for press releases are widely available. Select a provider with a solid distribution network, a positive reputation, and a high domain authority.

Use relevant keywords: To your industry while writing an optimized press release, but don’t use too many. Make sure the press release is well-written, interesting, and gives the reader useful information.

Include multimedia features in your press release: Doing so will increase reader interest and the likelihood that it will be picked up by the media.

Link back to your website in the press release to include backlinks. This will increase the volume of visitors to your website and raise its search engine rating.

Monitor results: Keep an eye on the traffic and visibility your press release submission brings in. You can use this information to inform future press release submissions and other SEO activities.

Follow up with journalists:  After submitting the press release, media outlets who you think could be interested in the story. Give more details and be prepared to respond to any questions they may have.

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