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Google Introducing Circle to Search Improve the Search Experience

Google Introducing Circle to Search: Improve the Search Experience

Q: What is Circle to Search and how does it work?

A: Circle to Search is a feature introduced by Google that allows users to search for everything on their Android phone screens without switching applications. Users can circle, highlight, scratch, or tap on an object to choose more information about it directly within the app.

Q: Where can I access Circle to Search?

A: Some advanced Android smartphones, like the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, as well as the recently released Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, come with Circle to Search installed.

Q: What are the benefits of using Circle to Search?

A: Circle to Search improves search efficiency by letting users locate information quickly without ever having to exit the app. It makes it convenient for users to explore and learn more about interesting items, services, or subjects.

Q: Can I use Circle to Search on any device?

A: As previously said, Circle to Search is now only available on many premium Android devices.
But in the future, Google needs to make it available on more devices, giving more people access to this innovative search function.

In conclusion, Google captured a major milestone in search innovation with the release of Circle to Search and AI-powered overviews for multi-search in Lens. These improvements help user accessibility, naturalness, and aptitude of the search experience. Google makes sure that search abilities are created with the user at the center, with heavy attention on user safety and privacy.

Google is devoted to integrating AI applications into Search and improving the global search experience for users, indeed as it continues to explore and find useful uses for the technology.

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