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“Search Engine Crawlers”: How to Get Higher-Quality Search Results

  • Scale – The sheer size and scope of the web presents an enormous challenge. There are billions of web pages and the number continues to grow rapidly. Crawlers must constantly crawl the web to keep indexes fresh.
  • Changing Content – Web content changes frequently, sometimes by the second. Crawlers strive to re-crawl pages regularly to detect changes, but may still miss some. Dynamic content and user-generated content amplify this challenge.
  • Duplicate Content – Many websites publish duplicate or near-duplicate content across different URLs. This creates extra work for crawlers to detect and consolidate, while sometimes mistakenly indexing duplicate pages.
  • Blocked Content – Some sites block or restrict crawlers with robots.txt files, noindex directives, or technical barriers like CAPTCHAs. This causes crawlers to miss content.
  • Cloaking – Deceptive practices like cloaking serve different content to users vs crawlers. This results in irrelevant or low-quality pages getting indexed. Crawlers aim to detect cloaking, but it remains an ongoing battle.
  • ** Crawl Frequency **- How often a page is crawled impacts how quickly it can be indexed and ranked when content is added or updated. Pages crawled more frequently tend to rank higher.
  • ** Indexation Rate **- The percentage of a site’s pages successfully crawled and added to the search index also correlates with rankings. Higher indexation rates allow more pages to be eligible for ranking.
  • ** Freshness **- Search engines favor more recently updated, fresh content. Frequent crawls allow new and revised content to be discovered and reflected in rankings faster.

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